Menu - new cloud storage with Linux client 15GB free + 5GB referral

Posted in linux on 2013/05/15
Tags: , , , is quite new "cloud" storage provider on the market. Beacause they are just starting, they offer 15 GB of free storage at the moment. They support Linux out of the box providing a Linux client app. In addition to Linux they also support Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. If you need more storage they Read More »

tmux attach - no sessions quick fix

Posted in linux, server on 2013/05/15
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I'm using tmux (terminal multiplexer) instead of screen, because it is less resource hungry. Today while cleaning up /tmp folder I accidentially removed tmux folder. After the next login I was getting the folling message while trying to attach to the previous session with tmux attach: no sessions The output of tmux ls was reading: Read More »