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Posted in linux, server on 2013/11/29
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EDIT12: Some time ago ramnode decided to stop offering coupon codes reducing the price of their product. Together with this announcement their upgraded all the plans to new specs. Since October 28, 2014 their running a new promo where while buying a new VPS you can get $5 credit to your account. Just use the coupon WOWSSD5.

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EDIT5: There is 40% discount code available at the moment. Use the code SRSLY40 at checkout when ordering to get Lifetime 40% OFF.

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I'm customer since more than 6 months now. I must say it is really great company. The service is performing excellent and I can highly recommend it.

As you can see on my availability page they are doing great job.

Below you can find some benchmarks:

CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz
Number of cores : 1
CPU frequency : 2300.217 MHz
Total amount of ram : 128 MB
Total amount of swap : 128 MB
Download speed from : 63.3MB/s
Download speed from, Atlanta GA : 12.7MB/s
Download speed from, Dallas, TX : 16.0MB/s
Download speed from, Tokyo, JP : 5.16MB/s
Download speed from, Haarlem, NL : 74.8MB/s
Download speed from, Singapore : 6.49MB/s
Download speed from, Seattle, WA : 10.3MB/s
Download speed from, San Jose, CA : 9.41MB/s
Download speed from, Washington, DC : 19.3MB/s
I/O speed : 622 MB/s

Especially the huge disk I/O speed is making this vps really fast. is definitely highly recommended vps provider.

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