Server Availability with nagios and bootstrap

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2013/06/06
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Nagios is one of the most known monitoring systems. It is powerful and thanks to the modular plugin architecture you can easily monitor just anything with it.
I'm mainly using it to monitor my vps machines and services as web, dns, imap, smtp, mysql. Nagios offers web gui, where you can see everything, starting from your settings, through all the hosts, services, hostgroups upto alerts, logs and availability reports for you monitored servers.

What I wanted to have was a simple server availability status page listing information about all monitored servers.
Today I've scratched small script which calls avail.cgi from nagios (with options I like), extracts the data into csv and generates simple status page. To beautify the page I've used bootstrap with bootswatch theme. The result can be seen on

The result looks as presented below:


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