mysql-bin logs filling up diskspace

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2013/11/21
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In my last article I've documented howto to setup a master-master mysql replication. Though I've configured mysql to clean up the old binlogs, I've realized that such setup will not only consume a lot of diskspace, but also does not guarantee that only the unused binlogs will be removed. Mysql allows you to configure binlogs Read More »

mysql master-master replication

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2013/10/24
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This is a short note on howto quickly deploy a master-master mysql replication on 2 servers. After installing mysql on both of them, the important changes to configurations (/etc/mysql/my.cnf) are: bind-address = # required for replication over vpn, make sure you block 3306 port on external IP in your firewall # it could also Read More »