pptp vpn on opevz vps server

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2013/04/15
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If you are in the need for a vpn server for you iphone, android phone or just notebook or home pc, here is how to do it quickly on a vps server. What you need is a tiny vps server having ppp device enabled. To check if it is enabled run (with sudo or as Read More »

vps in poland from biznes-host

Posted in linux, server on 2013/03/21
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Since long time I'm a happy customer of a polish company biznes-host. I'm using their vps since over a year (394 days) already. The service is fast, the machine performs well. The longest downtime (planned, announced) was 3 hours and 21 minutes. The overall uptime reads ~ 99.5%. Below the uptime history for this box: Read More »

openvz - access /proc/user_beancounters as normal user

Posted in linux, server on 2012/05/05
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/proc/user_beancounters shows the resources available to an openvz container. Unfortunately only root is having access to this file. In order to allow access also to normal users Doug Robbins ( wrote a tiny C programm which can be setup to suid root. The code is available at To install it you can either use Read More »