Configuring guest WLAN/Wifi access on the openwrt router

Posted in linux, server on 2014/05/04
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Every now and then I was being asked by family and/or friends visiting me if they can use my wifi @home. As I trust them I don't see a problem with that, but there are few issues with it: I don't want to give them my password My password is really long and thus hard Read More »

Reducing the size of the mp4 files taken with my mobile phone

Posted in linux, server on 2014/04/13
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My mobile phone creates a good quality movies, but they are pretty big in size. In order to save some disk space but still keep a good quality I'm using the following small script to reduce the size of the file but do not sacrifice the quality of the movie. Usually I'm using CRF value Read More »

Converting charset of the filenames from one to another with rsync

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2014/03/07
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Today a short tip about the --iconv option to rsync, which show how powerful rsync is. With this option it can convert the character set of the filenames from one to another. The syntax is very simple. The --iconv option takes two arguments: the local and the remote character set. For example --iconv=iso88591,utf8 converts filenames Read More »