mysql-bin logs filling up diskspace

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2013/11/21
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In my last article I've documented howto to setup a master-master mysql replication. Though I've configured mysql to clean up the old binlogs, I've realized that such setup will not only consume a lot of diskspace, but also does not guarantee that only the unused binlogs will be removed. Mysql allows you to configure binlogs Read More »

Server Availability with nagios and bootstrap

Posted in linux, server, srvbox on 2013/06/06
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Nagios is one of the most known monitoring systems. It is powerful and thanks to the modular plugin architecture you can easily monitor just anything with it. I'm mainly using it to monitor my vps machines and services as web, dns, imap, smtp, mysql. Nagios offers web gui, where you can see everything, starting from Read More »

vnstat - monitor your traffic usage

Posted in linux, server on 2013/01/27
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vnstat/vnstatd is a nice little daemon tool monitoring traffic usage of your server. Installing it on debian only requires to run: aptitude install vnstat To see the result just execute vnstat: vnstat -m venet0 / monthly month rx | tx | total | avg. rate ------------------------+-------------+-------------+--------------- Apr '12 1.73 GiB | 6.09 GiB | 7.81 Read More »

Uptimed - keep the history of your uptimes

Posted in linux, srvbox on 2013/01/12
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Uptime is a very useful information about the stability of your server. It shows you how long the machine has been running without a break. uptime 22:49:16 up 16:02, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 Whenever the server is restarted the uptime is being resetted. If you would like to know the history of Read More »

openvz - access /proc/user_beancounters as normal user

Posted in linux, server on 2012/05/05
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/proc/user_beancounters shows the resources available to an openvz container. Unfortunately only root is having access to this file. In order to allow access also to normal users Doug Robbins ( wrote a tiny C programm which can be setup to suid root. The code is available at To install it you can either use Read More »

Hello world!

Posted in srvbox on 2011/09/20

Everyone must start at some time, so here it is. The first hello world call from the srvbox blog. Enjoy it.