Configuring guest WLAN/Wifi access on the openwrt router

Posted in linux, server on 2014/05/04
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Every now and then I was being asked by family and/or friends visiting me if they can use my wifi @home. As I trust them I don't see a problem with that, but there are few issues with it: I don't want to give them my password My password is really long and thus hard Read More »

vnstat - monitor your traffic usage

Posted in linux, server on 2013/01/27
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vnstat/vnstatd is a nice little daemon tool monitoring traffic usage of your server. Installing it on debian only requires to run: aptitude install vnstat To see the result just execute vnstat: vnstat -m venet0 / monthly month rx | tx | total | avg. rate ------------------------+-------------+-------------+--------------- Apr '12 1.73 GiB | 6.09 GiB | 7.81 Read More »